Sunday, 16 January 2011

MINDSCAPE Hypnotherapy

As I mentioned previously, I have trained and am now qualified as a hypnotherapist.  For the past 5 months I have been slaving away on a website for my company, which has finally been completed (apart from the odd mistake I keep stumbling across, if you find one please let me know.  Web designing is not easy when you have to compete with so many different browsers, operating systems and screen sizes).  It is funny how things work out really, today was the day that not only did I finally get my website uploaded without any major disasters occurring, but I also moved into my new office.  I am renting a room in The Holistic Therapy Clinic in Manchester where I actually studied and learnt about hypnotherapy.  At the moment I will be balancing hypnotherapy work one day a week while I still work at my other job full-time -- for now anyway.

My new office, the chair is very comfortable

I am very excited, and really can't wait to get started.  If you have a second, take a look at my website here: 

On another note, I have also started another blog here which will be linked to the website.  I will be concentrating my efforts on that blog for the foreseeable future, but I will of course occasionally still post here.  Once I am an expert, I will certainly be posting tips and advice for visa applications and the progress of Kimi's move to the UK.

Kimi's visa status:  Still processing (almost 2 months of waiting now).