About This Blog

My first attempt at a blog header 
This blog started life as 'Diary of a Laowai in China'.  The simple aim of the site was to keep a record of my time living and working in China.  I had previously spent more than a year in the country and was beginning to forget some of the amazing/funny/interesting experiences that had happened to me in that time.  I hoped this site could keep new memories safe and secure for future nostalgia.  That was until China decided to block the Blogger website in 2009.

The newest blog header (April 2010)
A year later and I had returned home to the UK to begin studying and finding a career --  the blog needed a new direction.  Rather than begin anew, I decided to rename the blog and begin keeping an account of my new experiences in England which were still tied to China via my girlfriend, Kimi.  Now I am documenting her eventual emigration to the UK and also my continued studies of Hypnotherapy and Counselling.  Add on to that the year of blog posts I never got to write in China, and I feel I had enough petrol in the tank to keep going.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy blogging!