Tuesday, 15 March 2011

This Blog is a Study Abroad Ambassador Award Winner!

Somehow my blog has been selected by the lovely people at eCollegeFiner as a travel website that provides "priceless information to students as they prepare to leave" to study in another country.  I suppose although this blog documented my life as a teacher in China rather than a student, the same principles of travelling and living in a foreign country apply.  I am extremely flattered to have been chosen out of the many hundreds of blogs about living in China to appear on their site.  I genuinely hope some of the ramblings on these pages give a hint of the ups and downs of modern life in China (and what to do if you fall in love and decide to move back home after 3 years!).

You can see the list of all 75 sites chosen here, including short passages of travel advice written by the winners -- including one from yours truly.    

Although my life in China is officially history, it will always be a part of me (thanks to Kimi).    

Monday, 14 March 2011

Kimi Got Her Visa

I have been hugely delayed writing this post, but a few weeks ago Kimi and I received the good news that the British embassy had decided to grant her a visa to come to the UK to marry me.  We had waited months for an answer to our weighty application, going through Halloween, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year with no hint of an answer.  Finally in mid February, Kimi received a package containing just her sole passport, but with the new visa stuck inside.  That was that!

The application for the marriage visa was no small feat, the amount of paperwork needed for such a visa is quite astonishing.  It was something we had to study to get right (the first problem was which one to go for!), and we even paid an agency to help us on the way too.  Over the coming weeks I will be posting a step by step guide to applying for the marriage visa with the aim of helping others who may be planning on taking the same steps as we have.

What's next for us?  In one month Kimi will be arriving in the UK, and then within 6 months we will be getting married.  Once we have tied the knot, the time will have come to apply for the next visa....