Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday, I hope you had a treat like this (and I'm glad you liked my gift):

This is actually something that Kimi bought a few weeks ago from Haagen Dazs. Unlike in the UK the ice cream chain has cafes in China. They don't just serve only scoops of ice cream as you can see, but something rather more posh. It also doesn't come cheap, this item off the menu cost a staggering 230 RMB (£23). Kimi was given a bonus at work and felt like flaunting the money, I had no objections whatsoever.


mabelp said...

Happy Birthday to Chris' mum!! Chris! What did u send to your mum for her birhtday?

Ha! We have more than 20 Haagen Dazs shops in Hong Kong. My friends and I have some gatherings in these places before:
Not bad as I can eat like a horse!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

yeah the Haagen Dazs hype here in China is quite outrageous... I really don't understand why everyone loves it so much... maybe u have to b Chinese to understand... :/

Having said that though, I wouldn't mind one of those desserts myself... looks yummy!