Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Sister's Fundraising Blog

My twin sister, Sally, has recently been successful in gaining a place at one of the most prestigious music and drama schools in the UK:  The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  This has given her the opportunity to study a master's degree in Musical Theatre, which will hopefully lead onto a professional career in this field.

She is, however, facing a problem with this application.  As with so many things in life it comes down to one thing: money.  The cost of studying at these drama schools doesn't come cheap, in this case one year of tuition fees is going to cost  £9,750.  And this doesn't even include living expenses.

Sally has recently begun fundraising, and is writing a blog to keep track of her progress.  Already she has received some money, but it's not yet enough.  I hope you will take a peek at her site here:  http://dramaschooldream.blogspot.com/

Good luck Sally!

Sally's appearances in various plays and shows


Mabelp said...

Hi Chris,

I have read Sally's blog and has just left her a comment, but it requires a goole a/c ( I have lost it for a while)

Let's leave a message for her here then:

Hi Sally,

After reading Chris' blog, I know that you have a fundrasing blog. Congratulation for getting a place on your music related MA course. I know taking a music master's degree is expensive, so hope you will be success in finding enough money for that.

Don't know if your MA course is on a tight scheduled. If not, is it possible for you to find a part-time job while taking this course?

Don't worry, everybody has his/her problems, but I bet you will find a solution soon. Go ahead!

Mabel x

Chris said...

Thanks for that Mabel! I'll tell Sally about your message tomorrow morning :) Hope you're well.

Sally said...

Thanks for your message Mabel, I've changed my settings now so anyone can comment (I think anyway I'm not very computer literate!).
I'm keeping positive and in answer to your question I think the most I can take on is a Saturday job so I will see how that goes for the first couple of months but any more work than that isn't possible because the hours are really long!
Thanks for plugging my blog as well Christopher!