Tuesday, 15 March 2011

This Blog is a Study Abroad Ambassador Award Winner!

Somehow my blog has been selected by the lovely people at eCollegeFiner as a travel website that provides "priceless information to students as they prepare to leave" to study in another country.  I suppose although this blog documented my life as a teacher in China rather than a student, the same principles of travelling and living in a foreign country apply.  I am extremely flattered to have been chosen out of the many hundreds of blogs about living in China to appear on their site.  I genuinely hope some of the ramblings on these pages give a hint of the ups and downs of modern life in China (and what to do if you fall in love and decide to move back home after 3 years!).

You can see the list of all 75 sites chosen here, including short passages of travel advice written by the winners -- including one from yours truly.    

Although my life in China is officially history, it will always be a part of me (thanks to Kimi).    


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