Friday, 19 September 2008

Bars and Free Holidays

I must apologise for my rant about the air raid siren yesterday. It seems that it wasn't a random blasting of the alarm after all. At work I found that others had been disturbed by it also, so I asked what the point of it all was. Many didn't know, but a couple told me the real reason: September 18th is the anniversary of when Japan attacked and began an invasion of China in 1931. Every year the sirens go off all over the country to remember the people who died in the war, similar to our Rememberance Day -- although wearing a poppy is much more subtle than blasting an air raid siren.
Last night I went for a few drinks with Johan from work. I've not been to any bars or nightclubs for a while because I really don't like them here in Wenzhou. They are over-priced, play horrible-deafening music, and accommodate the kind of "foreigner" I wouldn't usually choose to be around. Not that these people are bad or anything, but for me, some of them can be a little....weird. I believe that a lot of people who are teaching in China have come for an adventure, escape, or are completely lost. In any case, I find that quite a few of these "lao wai" just aren't on the same wave length as me (I can't even describe what wave-length some of them are on). That's not to say I haven't met any great people, because I have, and many of them too.

A typical scene in a Chinese night club, it's a shame you can't hear the deafening (and terrible) music and taste the dense cigarette smog that fills the building. Also notice the welcoming stare from a local regular.

Anyway, back to last night. The place that Johan took me too wasn't a bar at all, it was a restaurant; but inside it was reminiscent of a semi-classy bar from home. Dim-lighting, fashionable furniture and décor, music being played at a sensible volume (God, am I middle-aged?), and most importantly of all, cheap beer. Finally, I have found a great place to relax, talk and have a drink. We had a good conversation about many things last night, it was interesting to find that somebody who seems so different than me can have so many things in common. I look forward to going back to this restaurant/bar soon (it's only a couple of minutes away from my home too).

I also found out yesterday that Web is going to pay for it's teaching staff to go on holiday for three days in October (October 1st is National Day in China, another public holiday). Luckily for me they have decided to go to Xiamen, the same place Kimi and I were planning to travel to. Of course I didn't forget about Kimi in all of this, I can bring her too, but she will have to pay the full cost. This is not a problem because we will still be getting the holiday at half the price really. The only drawback to Xiamen is the bus ride. It's going to be at least seven hours, and after my experience of travelling to Wuzhen and Xitang, I would much rather spend more time at the destination than on a bouncy bus.

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