Sunday, 11 January 2009

Practise Makes Perfect

I am sorry to myself that I have not posted much on my blog since I returned to England. I don't know why really, maybe it is because currently I have less time at home by myself (Kimi doesn't live with me in my Wenzhou apartment). I keep thinking about posting something on here, it has been at the back of my mind for a few days, but then another night has gone and I have forgotten all about it. I nearly ended up not writing anything today, but I have forced myself onto the computer before I go to sleep.

Just like when I played the piano and the trumpet on a regular basis, I found that sometimes I had to make myself practise just to keep the momentum going. If I didn't do that then I could easily imagine weeks -- if not months -- going by without touching an instrument. This was not at all because I didn't enjoy playing the instruments, but once you commit to doing something in life that is long-term, sometimes you need a little push to keep on doing it. In reality, it has not been weeks or months since I played the piano and trumpet, but actually years. The last time I was really playing must have been May 2006, just as I finished my course at university. I never would have expected my life to turn in such a strange direction. I really must do something about that soon, I do miss playing music a lot now.

My old and broken trumpet (my newer one is in China)

Anyway, I am saying all this because although I love writing my blog, I feel almost guilty for not adding to it much since I returned to the UK. I know there are many genuine reasons for this, but I am only scared that this blog may end up like my music if I don't do something about it now.

I have spent a few days in my holiday working with my dad at his shop covering for my mum who has been ill with the flu. She is almost back to normal now, but I will be going to work again tomorrow and earning a few fairly worthless £'s.

The shop window at night


大眼睛熊 said...

Ohh baby, I love watching u playing music too, why don't we buy a piano when u return to china instead of Macbook?!! : D I'd like to see u play trumpet as well, although it can be really really loud! Xxx

Johnny Ding said...

Man, you don't need to write here that often. once a week,more or less. No one forces you. Writing here is a habit or a hobby to keep feelings, thoughts or memories. Take it easy. You won't stop it because you have us following you.

mabelp said...

Chris! I hope u still keep practicing piano and trumpet regularly! We were the music students in the past, I know what u mean.

My Fender electric guitars, Roland Synthesizer, Mackie Mixer and ... are full of dust now. I play piano once a week due to some reasons. Haha! My current job is not related to music now, I don't know if I would forget what I have learnt before. Haha!

For your blog, I do enjoy reading it and thanks for reading mine. U can post the new blog whenever u have something to say. No problem!

Chris said...

It's funny you say that Mabel, I just sold my Mackie mixer on eBay the other day and posted it today. I got a good price for it too!

Kimi, if you like you can buy me a piano, I would be very grateful :) Or you can buy me an iMac, either will be just fine.

Thanks for that Johnny, I know what you mean, I just dont' trust my self enough I think. I'm worried I'll just forget.