Tuesday, 27 January 2009

"Xin Nian Kuai Le!"....

....or "Happy New Year!"

2009 is the year of the Ox -- my year!

If you have guessed, this means that I am back in China now. I arrived a couple of days ago after a tiring flight where I sat next to a mother and baby. When the baby wasn't laughing he was crying -- very loud. It was a sleepless 11 hour journey from Zurich (I flew with Swiss Air this time), but at least the food was surprisingly tasty. The most unfortunate part of the trip was the fact that I had to wait for six hours in Shanghai airport while I waited for yet another plane to take me to Wenzhou. If it wasn't for that I probably would arrived here feeling quite refreshed. Instead I was completely exhausted and barely managed to keep my eyes open for the events of the evening -- the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations with Kimi's family.

Today is my third day back, and I think I have finally slipped back into my Chinese body-clock. Another five days of holiday left to go, and then it's back to Web -- something which I am not completely looking forward to for two reasons:
  • English Corner
  • Working until 9pm
Maybe it is time to start looking for new work when my contract runs out in April....

While I was at home I started to think more about my future. I do know that it will be very difficult for me to stay in China, I simply cannot be an English teacher forever. I would like to return to England again in the future to pursue a "career", and I have come to a conclusion of what I would like to do (which has noting to do with teaching or music). Unfortunately, if I go back home, then I cannot let Kimi stay here in Wenzhou. But by requesting this I am turning her life upside down, moving her away from her family, friends, job, familiar environment etc. We have had some difficult discussions about this, but right now we have come to very few conclusions. First thing's first, Kimi will come on holiday to England this year. Then she can see first-hand if it could be the place for her or not. It is just what I unintentionally did when I came on holiday to China one year and a half ago. I know I wouldn't be here right now if I had not gone to see China on a holiday first.

I feel quite lost at the moment, but I know I can't leave China without Kimi being with me....


mabelp said...

Ha Chris! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Wish u all the best in the new year! It's good to know that u have back to China safe. When will u back to work?

Wow! U're a good bf for your gf and always be considerate for her. Nowadays, not many guys could have this concept. Don't worry! I know u will find a solution for your future!

Ihengsi said...

Kimi and you have some very important decisions to make. But regardless of what you decide, things will turn out to be alright. They always do.

If you don't mind me asking, what sort of career did you have in mind? With the economy at the state it is now, it's not the best time to be looking for a job. You are still very young. Why not go back to school? With a higher degree and your experience with China, you could find a job with a multinational company that will let you devide your time between Asia and Europe. You and Kimi can then have the best of both world.

Johnny Ding said...

What a pity that you will leave China for England one day. But I know that there is where you belong. It means I will lose a good valable friend here in China. Hehe, anyway that is your life. However I will take care of the rest time and enjoy it with you here in China. Keep in touch with us no matter where you are. For you have own our friendships here.

Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

Thank you for all of your comments. I really do need advice on this, you've all said very helpful things which have made me feel much more positive. I don't want to leave Wenzhou yet, but I'm starting to feel that my teaching career is coming to an end.

Ihengsi, I totally agree with you, now is a terrible time to look for work, so I'm happy to be working here because of that. I actually would like to go back to school. If I could I would love to get a job with a multinational company to split my time between here and home. What kind of jobs are available in these companies.

In fact, I have become extremely interested in pursuing a caring profession and have been looking at courses for psychotherapy and other similar disciplines. I would need to go back to school to do that, which makes life difficult. The problem I've got is that I have no desire to go into music or teaching.

Thanks again everyone, your comments have really helped.

mabelp said...

Welcome! Psychotherapy and other similar disciplines? What about Music Therapy?( If u don't mind it's using music as a tool to deal with the therapeutical tasks).

If u take another sort of therapy related master degree, u should do the related undergraduate course first. But u've got a music degree already, so I think maybe u can save more time by taking MA in Music Therapy if u want to do be a music therapist in the future. Of course u should take the psychology related course before applying for it like what my another musical friend is doing now.( It's just my opinion! ha!)