Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oasi Concert Cancelled

A few days ago I mentioned I would be attending an Oasis concert in Shanghai next month. Kimi and I received our tickets and I had already booked two days off from work. A couple of days later, Alex -- who you may have seen on the blog -- sent me this link confirming that the gig would be delayed "indefinitely" without reason. I was annoyed and disappointed, Kimi too. I imagined it was probably another disagreement between the Gallagher brothers, or maybe one of them just couldn't be bothered. These are the kinds of stories that have appeared in the news about the band previously, it wouldn't be a surprise if it turned out to be one or the other.

As I checked my emails this morning I noticed one from my father. He explained that on the BBC news last night there happened to be a story about Oasis's China concerts. In a nutshell the real reason behind the cancellation is this (the full BBC article is here):

The Chinese authorities have banned both concerts from taking place in Beijing and Shanghai because Noel Gallagher played in a Free Tibet concert twelve years ago.

Petty is not even the correct word to use here, in fact I would go so far to say that it is infant behaviour, like a spoilt child who won't share his toys. To think that it is people like this who run the country is quite frankly terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for that mate.

As a fellow (almost) Manc, I feel your pain. I wasn't trying to rub salt in the wound or anything.

Ah, the old victim mentality, heaven forbid, people have some fun!!

Sorry again,

mabelp said...

Sorry to hear that, I think it's a disappointing news. Will they cancel their live in Hong Kong (we have different policies)? http://www.hkticketing.com/Ticketek/eng/event/nswcms_event.asp?id=2710
If not, you can try HK's.

Do you like Coldplay as well? If so, you can also try it: http://www.hkclubbing.com/Latest_News/Entertainment_News/Coldplay_live_in_Hong_Kong.html

Anonymous said...

[quote] Will they cancel their live in Hong Kong (we have different policies)? [/quote]

Not really, and not for much longer. But I'm glad your an optimist!!

Chris said...

Alex, oh not at all, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have known about the cancellation for a few more days which would have left me even more annoyed. At least we found out today that ticketmaster (which is strangely enough called Emma in China) will refund us completely, we have to post the tickets to Shanghai which is a bit of a pain though.

The Hong Kong gig is still on for sure. How long will it be until HK is under complete Chinese control by the way? I've heard so many different answers ranging from 20 years since the handover in 1997 to 75 years! Do you know Mabel?

Anonymous said...

IMO, it was already under complete control when the lying bastards replaced all the HK legislative council with those appointed from Beijing. That and the PLA taking over the British built garrison, which Britain could (and should) have dismantled and shipped home.

Kowloon and HK island was ceded to the UK in perpetuity, but rather than risk war with China and harm Sino-Anglo relations, the entire territory was returned without a shot fired.

Sorry again for the tickets.

mabelp said...

Hi Chris! In Hong Kong, we have a concept: "One Country, Two Systems")

We have the common law system upheld by an independent judiciary; the free and unfettered flow of information; a level playing field for business; and, a clean, respected civil service.

Our ID cards, passports and currencies are different from Mainland China's. We speak Cantonese and Eng here, but of course Mandarin is getting popular lately. I did spend 1-2 years on learning Mandarin when I was a teenager, but I have forgotten most of them. So maybe your Mandarin is much better than mine!

Hi Alex! Thanks for your comment and appreciation. Yes! I used to be an optimist. Otherwise, I can't live in this very busy and commercial city! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Just like Malaysia and Singapore then?

You sure as hell didn't get all that from China, rule of law, etc etc...

The Acolyte Tao said...

Wow, that's pathetic... I don't know how to respond to that?

But sorry for you mate.