Monday, 13 April 2009

A Year of Progress

It was my day off on Friday and the weather was lovely, probably the hottest day of the year with temperatures of about 30 degrees. I decided to have a walk around my local neighbourhood, go to the park, and take a few pictures. I am not a photographer by any means, and from the looks of it I also don't have many original ideas. I unwittingly took two pictures that are identical to two other pictures I took almost a year ago (when I had just moved into the area).

The first is of Wenzhou's World Trade Centre, which has yet to be completed. I usually think of Chinese construction work as being quicker than the speed of light, but this building has taken an extremely long time to be completed (relatively speaking) as you can see:

March 2008

April 2009

The second picture is of the street where I live, He Hua Road. Both pictures look as if nothing has changed in a year, but once you arrive at my apartment you can now see multiple construction sites. Where once there was peace and quiet, now there are the sounds of circular saws, hammering, huge cement mixers, and drilling. At times I literally feel like I am right in the centre of a developing country, and it's developing at my feet. I have been considering moving to a hammer-free environment, so I will be moving out of my apartment within the next two or three months I think.

March 2008

April 2009


大眼睛熊 said...

Poor thing, if the construction work keeps going on like this we'll definitely file a complain! At least ur sleeping problem has improved a lot recently which is great. :)

mabelp said...

Hey Chris! 30 degrees is very hot in April, isn't it?

I hope you can move to a quiet place soon.

Is World Trade Centre the tallest building in Wenzhou now? Tell you what, the tallest building in HK will not be IFC II soon as ICC is coming up:

Chris said...

Kimi, I know, the construction work is never going to end I think. Definitely moving out after my contract is up in June.

Mabel, I just had a look at that website, wow, it's huge. Unbelievable isn't it?