Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Aircon Plant

A plant (or weed) has been growing on my balcony for three or four months now. I noticed it in the middle of summer when I was hanging clothes out to dry. I saw a big green leaf sprouting from the base of a pipe. It has received its water supply from one of the air conditioning tubes that releases small amounts of water when the machine is switched on.

I don't know if it is dying now that I am not using my air conditioner, but it has certainly grown in height since I last took note of it. It is amazing how life can flourish in such strange places and conditions.

Aircon plant 
(unfortunately I can't take credit for this picture, Kimi took it on her iPhone)


Shawn said...

It's an amazing plant!!!
without any nutrition but it still grow very well
If someday humanbeings were still happy without fame and gain
I will love my life more

mabelp said...

Yes! Life can flourish in such strange places and conditions just like human beings. We have to face loads of challenges in our lives, but we must have the solutions to deal with them one by one no matter how tough they could be! Enjoy your live!

Chris said...

Thank you for your comments Shawn and Mabel. Very nice words from both of you. I completely feel the same way too :)