Saturday, 15 November 2008

Quality Control

The pictures below are of the lights found, directly above the keypads, on two Construction Bank of China ATM's:

They couldn't look more suspicious to me, especially because of how poorly they have been fitted into the lights.  But according to the bank, they are all completly legitimate. Kimi and I went inside one of the branches to ask what was going on (well, Kimi did all of the asking). The answer we were given was that the cameras are there to see money coming out of the machine -- I am still trying to think of a reason for such a need. The fact is, the cameras must be able to see the keypad too.  Only a couple of weeks ago did the Wenzhou newspaper warn its readers about the dangers of using hijacked ATM's in the city. Now, how are we supposed to distinguish the difference between official bank changes and the work of thieves?  

Talking about amateur work, I wrote an entry about the construction going on next to my apartment, here. Last night, Kimi found out from the local authorities that the workers have been given the right to work throughout the nights to get an apartment block built. There is a law that prohibits noisy construction continuing past 8 or 9pm. In this case, the local authorities gave them permission so the building can be knocked up as quickly as possible. They obviously didn't feel the need to ask anybody who has to live with the noise if it would be OK. I have said this before, but this is one of the negatives of living in China: The government does what it wants and the civilians just have to put up with it.

To change the subject (but probably still keeping with amatuer work), I am supposed to be doing a big "demo class" at Web tomorrow. The demo classes are a kind of sales pitch to get new students to join. Tomorrow there will be a whole lot of Wenzhou University students, I have no clue at all what I am going to talk about for an hour with/to them. I can only hope they will talk back to me, it would make a pleasent change.

Sorry to moan, I should be happy, my cold has completely gone thanks to Kimi --who took care of me -- and Chinese medicine -- who took care of it.


Anonymous said...


If your stuck for things to talk about head over here and print out copies of these:

It wont carry over to a two hour class, but there should be enough topics there to keep them talking for an hour or so.

Otherwise, just talk about differences between England and China and some such, and let them do a lot of question asking.

On a rant note. I think it is despicable how they whore out a white face to get more students. I hated working for training centres, but what can you do as universities and govt schools pay so low? Rock and a hard place syndrome.

I'm equally pissed off with teaching here, yesterday was just spent arguing with students over exam marks all day and I have a throbbing headache. I just want to bury my head in my pillow and forget teaching exists.

Chin up and add me on msn, o'kay?

Elwin said...

WEB might have been at a financial problem, or they would never pull out such low sales promotion like "Demo Class".

Anyway, Good Luck with the demo class, Chris. And I'm pretty sure that the English language ability of these univeristy students is above the average level of WEB students, so it will not be so difficult to have class with them.

Chris said...

Thanks for your helpful comments guys. I had a good look on that site, it's saved for future reference! They were a tough crowd in the end, but it was OK.

I dislike the way they put us out there to advertise their product like that, it's annoying. I only do it because I make a little bit of a money out of it. It really is a little too!

I know exactly how you feel Alex, just have a beer and try and forget it :) Sorry, I'll add you on MSN when I get home. I don't have it on my PC here at work.

大眼睛熊 said...

You are welcome xiao zhu! :D
Im glad your cold's gone now,hope it will never come back again!