Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Look

I have decided to try a new look for my blog. I was becoming tired of using the "dots" template, although I did find it much neater than all of the others on offer. I also felt something was missing from my blog -- a picture or logo placed at the top of the page to reflect what I am writing about. When I have read other people's blogs they usually have a nice professional-looking design as their header. I'm not a designer, nor do I know any designers, so how I could I get one of them?

Suddenly I remembered an interesting feature on Picasa -- a free program from Google which lets you organize and edit your pictures. You can select a folder of pictures and make various different collages of them. I copied and pasted a few of my "China" photos into a single folder and clicked the "create collage" button.  Here is what I got:

After this, I made some space in the centre of the collage by manually moving the pictures around with my mouse. In this space I added my blog name and saved it as an image file. All of this could still be done using the Picasa software -- easy.

This was only the first try, when I have time after work I will play around with it a little more. Let me know what you think about the new look.


大眼睛熊 said...

Hey babe,i like it,it looks great!! :D xxxxx

Anonymous said...

V cool!

I never knew you could do that with picasa, shame I am anti google as they sold out and invaded privacy rights and helped China and other countries censor search requests:( Grrrr:(

Sally said...

I like it a lot! Plus very excited you will be back for Christmas day (sorry Kimmi!) Send me your address or WEB's address so I can post your advent calendar x x

Chris said...

Thank you for your feedback everyone. I'm glad you like it.

I will send you Web's address Sally, it should be easy to send to than my apartment.

I know what you mean about Google, I feel the same way. But I'm a total hypocrite and love all of the Google products still. I use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, YouTube, and of course this!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya.

I like gmail for the storage space and IMAP option, youtube is of course entertaining,,,

Google reader? you mean for rss feeds? I simpy browse them offline using it has a built in rss function, i think you can set it to google reader though.

What i dislike most is google is trying to take microsofts throne and see itself as the saviour of your desktop. Nothing wrong with that, but given their sell out behaviour and working with oppressive regimes to censor information I just dont trust it.

Lucky you going home for christmas!

Chris said...

Yes, I use the Google reader for RSS feeds. It's especially great for checking out the news every day, and also other peoples blogs. I've never used Opera before, but I've heard it's one of the best browsers. I'm currently using Google Chrome to see if it's any good. There are a few bugs but it's really fast compared to firefox.

I really can't wait to go home for Christmas now. Do you have any plans to come back home again soon, or will it be next year sometime?