Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas

....or should I say Boxing Day? This post is a little later than I had hoped, but yesterday just slipped away. I hope everybody had a fantastic day. I was lucky enough to arrive home in time, although after more than 30 hours of travelling I felt a little phased out. I think I will write more about my trip home and Christmas Day tomorrow as I am currently extremely full and my eyelids are uncontrollably closing.

Here is a picture of our Vodka-soaked Christmas Pudding from yesterday:

A traditional Christmas ball of flame -- delicious


mabelp said...

It's good to know that u have back home safe, Chris! How're your family and old friends there? Your traditional Christmas ball of flame looks great. How many cats do u have now? Have a nice time and take more rest!

大眼睛熊 said...

Hey baby, looks like u still need a lot of sleep! Sweet dreams!! :) The traditinal Christmas ball of flame looks really interesting, can u make me one when u come back? Haha~ xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


Do you know of any Web branch that needs any foreign teachers?

I'm desperately seeking a position (not susan!) lol:)

I went to their website but it just says to send all your stuff to one address. As you said they process the work visa it sounds pretty good?

Any ideas?

Anyway, merry xmas and all the best for new year!