Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Thanks For Coming

Just over a month ago I added a counter onto my blog -- completely out of curiosity -- to see if anybody apart from me and Kimi were actually visiting the site. It came as a pleasant surprise to see that within this time there have been nearly 1,200 page visits and 3,095 page views. Obviously a fair share of those numbers are from me, but it is very interesting to know that there are others reading my blog. The counter can also show me the area of people who have visited (although no invasion of privacy can become of this). Here are the locations of some recent visitors (the red dot being me):

I can't imagine how some of these visitors stumbled across my blog

I have mentioned this before, but my intention for writing a blog was simply to keep a written and pictorial account of my time in China. I spent one year here with so many events and occasions being a long lost memory to me now. Keeping a record of these times will hopefully be something to look back on in the future. It has just taken me by complete surprise that other people are actually reading this instead of my girlfriend and I. Through my blog I have even come into contact with some genuinely brilliant people, that otherwise I never would have met in a lifetime.

Thank you for reading!


mabelp said...

Congratulation! See! Your blog is not boring! And I'm so happy to know that u're enjoying your life there. By the way, I also want to have this counter, how can I get it?

Anonymous said...

nice to see Muscat represented!

A blog fan in the Middle east!

PS> Send me a PM, a change is on the horizon dude.

Ihengsi said...

A few more hits, and you could be looking for sponsors and make some money out of this. :)

Chris, do you hang out with foreigners other than from your workplace? Do you know Dr. M.E Cooper from the US? It's apparently an American professor teaching at the Wenzhou University. Her videos are all over the place on YouTube. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of American professors teaching in Wenzhou.

Wayne said...

Ihengsi,i think i should let u know that there've been a lot of american professors in my uni this year(wenzhou uni)for teaching indeed, and I even attended Dr.M.E Cooper' class once as a unformal student.
and cool! Chirs,it's interesting!! maybe i should add this "counter" as well, and i have a special interest with the only dot in South America,I guess the country of that dot located is Brazil,nice!!^_^

Chris said...

Sorry about the delay replying! Mabel and Wayne, I will email you to let you know how to add the counter.

Sure, Alex I'll send you an e-mail too. I'd like to hear if your thinking of a new change. I think I will too -- job-wise -- after I get back here from home.

Ihengsi, I would be shocked if I could actually make money from this blog, it would be very nice though :)

I don't know too many foreigners outside of Web, and I haven't met Dr. M.E Cooper. I will take a look at her videos on Youtube. I did meet somebody a few weeks ago who is a professor at the medical college, but I have completely forgotten his name now -- he was from the US too. It looks like Wayne is much more informative on these things than me! (How was her class?)

Chris said...

Oh, and Wayne, I think that dot in South America might be Argentina actually. I'd be very interested to know how they stumbled across this page. Quite amazing.

Ihengsi said...

Thanks Wayne. Glad to hear Wenzhou University has many foreign professors. My wife also teaches at an university. Maybe I can ask her to come to Wenzhou. :)

Chris, why not add the counter and map to your blog template and make it permanent? It'll get automatically updated and we can all see its progression.

Chris said...

I will have a look at that Ihengsi. It is already part of my template, right at the bottom of the page but for some reason it doesn't display the numbers there. I will have another look and see if there is a way to change it.

I haven't forgotten to email you Mabel and Wayne, I've just been incredibly busy today. I will send you the details tomorrow morning....I hope!

Wayne said...

haha,welcome!! Ihengsi!:D

and thanks Chirs!Speaking of her class,i just can see it's not bad,she is patient and knowledgeable,but it seemed the students were not really interested in what her said even there was an interpreter on her class,yes!! a lady was arranged at her class for translating her words!!it's a little bit weird,i afraid.