Tuesday, 3 February 2009


The Chinese New Year has started -- not in the best way possible -- but it's started nonetheless. I was meant to begin work at Web on Sunday, a day I wasn't particularly looking forward to. I managed to get in bed and go to sleep at midnight, only to be woken 40 minutes later by fireworks. If one thing has represented Chinese New Year for me it must be fireworks. Since I returned they have been exploding all day and everyday. Even now, more than one week later, they are still going off.

Anyway, I was woken up by the explosions the night before starting work. Maybe it was a bit of jet lag combined with a few worries, but I ended up having no sleep whatsoever that night. It was extremely annoying and continually frustrating. I watched the night turn into day and decided the time had come to take my first sick day -- the kind of thing I really hate doing, I always think I won't be believed. After telling Web that I wouldn't be coming to work I finally managed to have a sleep for a few hours in the morning. Watching a boring film helped surprisingly well.

If it wasn't for one of these going off in the middle of the night I may have had a better sleep

My body clock seems to have adapted now, thankfully. I feel a new sense of sympathy for people with insomnia.


Johnny Ding said...

I as amaized that you got sick because of these going off. If I were you, I would choke my ear with something to keep myself out of it.
Guess what, the firework will last for another week till the 15th of lunar month. For the 15th is another festival Yuan Xiao Jie which means the end of celebration of new year. Dear little, hope you can see the sun of 16th! :)
Have a nice sleep every night.

mabelp said...

Sorry to hear that, Chris! Losing sleep is quite annoying. Hope u get well soon! If this situation persists, can u close the windows when u go to sleep?

For the Chinese New Year firework display in HK, we normally have it on the 2nd day of CNY. Have a look:

Chris said...

Thankfuly my sleeping patterns have returned to normal now, even fireworks didn't keep me awake last night. They seem to have eased off a little now anyway.

Johnny, I didn't know the festival would last until the 15th day of the lunar month. That explains the continued celebrations. I wish we still had a holiday until then too.

Mabel, the HK fireworks looked amazing. Wish I could've been there to see them first hand.