Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Home or Prison?

This is a view from my balcony of an apartment block next door. The metal railings are a common addition to many homes here. Sure, it makes it a much harder jobs for thieves to break in, but it also makes the place look like a prison. You may ask why they do not use a burglar alarm instead. Well, I am fairly confident it is because the sound of an alarm wouldn't begin to pierce through the blare of horns, fireworks, construction work, and neglected car and bike alarms.


Anonymous said...
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mabelp said...
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mabelp said...

This building look so classic and old, cool, but how can the firemen save their lives if there's a fire?

Elwin said...

Glad you coming back!

Yes, it really looks like prison cells with that metal bars.

My previous apartment also got this railing with it, but now for the new constructed building this kind of railing is not allowed.