Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blog and Beans

It's a little late now so I'll keep this short. As I arrived home tonight I almost felt like I needed to post on my blog just to keep the ball rolling. I fear that if I don't keep this thing semi-ritual then it will suddenly be three months later and I won't have posted anything. Momentum with all things like this can be difficult I think, but I really do want to continue my blog. 

The purpose for starting this diary was to keep a record of my time in China. Before I began blogging there had been too many events and experiences that had come and gone....and then forgotten. I really don't want this time of my life to end up a distant memory in the years ahead. And what better way to keep a diary in the 21st century than a blog? So far I have found this new experience to be very rewarding and also very enjoyable, I forgot how much I like writing.

Back to my week.  So far there have been no surprises (good or bad) which keeps the blood pressure down.  Most of the tutors at Web arrived on Monday with an array of new clothes, it was like being stuck in a fashion show.  It also seemed that they had followed my idea of having a haircut over the weekend because almost all of them were sporting brand new hair styles.  I think this means that Autumn has officially landed.

It's still not too cold to eat ice creams though. Today I was bought an interesting ice lolly which is popular in China but probably not anywhere else in the world. I've seen the flavour many times in the shops but didn't dare to spend my money on one. The lolly in question is of the green bean (runner bean?) variety. As it was purchased for me I had a go....and it was surprisingly -- very surprisingly -- not bad at all. A complete mixture of sweet and savoury, I can only describe the taste as sugary peas mashed together with ice (!).

A green bean ice lolly, not too blurry I hope (that's what I get for holding the phone in my left hand)


Elwin said...

I feel the same lazy for posting on blog sometimes. One of my blogs was once left not updated for even one year.

大眼睛熊 said...

Hey,i like reading ur writing,so dont stop!! :D
Im not a big fan of green bean ice lolly though,i prefer green bean soup~ xx

Anonymous said...

Found you on YouTube. Love your blog. Please don't stop.

PS: I have a copy of Sony Vegas if you're interested.

Chris said...

Xie xie for your comments everyone, it's very nice to know that one or two people are reading the blog now and again :0)

To "anonymous", what a nice thing to say, thank you. If you would like to send me an email to talk about Sony Vegas you can do so by clicking "Email" on my profile:

Janine said...

Hello again :)

I'm loving the blog just read all from August to now this week so I feel fully updated.
I love your perspective on life in China so keep it up.

Anonymous said...

green lolly looked good probably healthiest ice lolly in the world
even better than stormy petrel on a stick.... monty python would have loved it. mandd

Chris said...

Thanks Janine, I'm really glad that you like it.

Yes, I do think Monty Python had a hand in creating that ice lolly actually!