Thursday, 16 October 2008


The picture below was the first thing I saw of the outside world today. Was it rain? Fog? Or pollution? Maybe it was a bit of all three, but I would certainly put most of my money on it being the latter.

I don't want to completely berate Wenzhou -- I have mentioned how clear the skies can be in an earlier post. Quite often the air quality is OK, but today was a worryingly new level of smogness.

On the left, Wenzhou's "World Trade Centre" one morning a few weeks ago. On the right, the same scene today.

Today is my only day off this week because I had a three day weekend last week. Matters have been made worse because I have another "English Corner" to do tomorrow -- the third this week. I hope Web can hire some new teachers soon, it's becoming very draining maintaining the same workload that we had over the summer holidays. Let the six day week begin!

And finally, thank you to everybody who has left nice comments on my blog (you too Kimi!), it is nice to know someone is reading this instead of just me.


大眼睛熊 said...

You are welcome baby~ :D
I love reading your blog,it's interesting and well written!! xxx

Mabel Poon said...

I like to read your interesting blog since it's not boring!
Ha! I think the air pollution in HK is serious now!

Chris said...

Thank you, both of you. Mabel, I have heard many complaints about the pollution in Hong Kong and the fact that it is being blown in from Guangzhou!!