Saturday, 11 October 2008

Massage and Haircuts

Kimi and I went for another foot massage yesterday at the same place we tried in August. It wasn't quite as pleasurable this time, I had a man who didn't quite have the same golden touch as the previous woman. Some of it was actually quite uncomfortable but the resulting effect was still very calming.

Kimi waiting in the massage room

I'm getting my hair cut today and am a little nervous about it. It's been two months since my last trim and I would like something a little different this time. Whenever I make any kind of change I fear I will end up looking like an idiot, especially as my usual hairdresser seems to enjoy doing things her way, partially ignoring all of Kimi's instructions. I usually fall asleep as soon as someone touches my head, so by the time I come around it's too late to say "No!". Oh well, here goes....

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大眼睛熊 said...

I dont think i look good in the picture.. :( Anyway,looking forward to ur haircut this afternoon!!