Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tian Na!

I took my usual route home from work tonight which takes me past: a noodle restaurant, a couple of bakeries, a large shopping mall, a café, an electrical goods store, KFC, and a handful of small restaurants and shops. As I walked past the noodle restaurant I heard the sound of a running tap very close to my right ear. Something about this didn't work out in my head:

"Running tap + unusually high placement for a tap + not remembering a tap ever being near this restaurant before = it can't be a tap."

So I took a glimpse to my right, and what did I see? A BOY PISSING OUT OF A DOORWAY!!

I couldn't believe it. Standing about six steps up, there he was, calmly firing right into the street. Sure, I have seen a lot of things since I moved here, but this was a new one. The boy was well over the age-barrier to be let-off for this kind of thing, he must have been five or six years old at least. I was certainly in splashing distance, but lucky for me I came out unscathed, however I don't know if the guy with the nice leather bag behind me was so fortunate. If this boy had been raised by dogs he would have learnt the courtesy to do it up a tree or lamp-post, and if he was under the care of a cat he would have learnt to completely bury all traces of it. It's just unfortunate for him he has been brought up by humans.

Moving on, I had two great classes this evening. In one, we were talking about direction and location. The students had to draw a map on the board, each one telling the one drawing exactly what to draw and where to draw it. I don't want to sound like a primary school teacher who enjoys displaying their student's artwork (see below), but after doing this class numerous times before I thought their map was by far the most excellent (bear in mind these weren't children, they were fully grown adults). I actually had good fun in this class, and I think they did too.

"Dyned City"

This has been a painful entry today -- the finger tips on my left hand are killing me from practising the guitar. It's not all bad though because I can now semi-successfully string together 2 chords: E major and D major. I only have to learn one more and I'll be able to play the whole of Status Quo's back catalogue.


大眼睛熊 said...

Ohh,poor thing,better choose another way home next time!! I dont think that boy's local though,and probably was never sent to school!!

Elwin said...

Sorry for yor seeing that.
This kind of thing happened sometimes in Wenzhou, almost every case "the pissers" were some boys who just came from rural or suburb areas. They still keep their habbit in the farmland and meadow.
However, the identical thing will never happen in Hangzhou and other big cities where the regulation are much better.