Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Guitar

I spent some money on myself yesterday and bought an acoustic guitar (see left). Now, I can't actually play the instrument yet, but my hope is to teach myself to get my head around a few chords and go from there.

In the music shop Kimi found they had an impressive array of acoustic, classical, and electric guitars. The man in the shop demonstrated a couple of them for me that were around my price range. I guessed he was trying to flog me the more expensive one, even going so far as to tell me that an obvious cosmetic defect on one was designed to be like that. In the end I went for this black one, and got a classy tuner thrown in too. Not bad for about £50.

I've been wanting to get back to playing music for some time now. Recently, the more I listen to music the more I want to play....something, anything! When I finished university I was tired of playing my two chosen instruments, the Piano and Trumpet -- the latter of which I have played since I was eight years old. I felt like I needed a break from them with what I originally guessed would be quite a short time. Obviously I had some distruption in my life by coming to China, and now, all of a sudden it's been two years since I properley played either instrument. About a month ago something triggered inside me, and now I'm desparate to play some music again. The time, effort, and motivation needed to play the trumpet is not winning me over at the moment, and buying a piano is simply out of the question. So, what better instrument to choose than the guitar?

In fact, I briefly began teaching myself to play in my final year at university after my parents bought me a classical guitar as a gift for Christmas. I was begining to get into the routine of practising and making progress when the workload of third year university caught up with me. After I graduated and decided to take a break from playing, I just never got around to picking it up again.

Here's hoping round two is more successful....

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Mabel Poon said...

Ha! Me too! Since I finished my Msc in Music Composition, I have been finding it hard to get a chance to compose anything. My mackie mixer, mac, synthesizer and others are full of dust now. Don't know if I should sell them on ebay. Ha! I seldom practice piano recently. I learnt eletric guitar many years ago as well, but these 2 Fenders are still sleeping in my brother's room. Hahaha!